Hello, My name is Mindy Elliott and I am the counselor at Hillcrest Elementary. I have a Masters degree in School Counseling. I have 4 children of my own, but I also consider all of the students at Hillcrest “my kids”. My passion is happy kids learning at school. My job is to support students and families to help make this possible. As part of our school’s Comprehensive Guidance Program, I teach bi-weekly classroom lessons. We focus on a different character trait each month.

  • September - Citizenship
  • October - Respect and Safety
  • November - Caring and Gratitude
  • December - Teamwork
  • January - Responsibility and Dedication
  • February - Academic Readiness
  • March - College and Career Readiness
  • April - Service
  • May - Change and Transitions

I also teach lessons on other topics on an as-needed basis.

I work with individual students and small groups. I do this through responsive services and individual support. This means I work with students whose personal circumstances, concerns, or problems are threatening to interfere with or are interfering with their healthy academic and personal/social development.

Some of the topics I am able to help with are:

  • *Self-esteem *Anger
  • *Stress *Depression
  • *Grief and loss *Taking Tests
  • *Family *Bullying
  • *Study skills *Conflict resolution
  • *Goal setting *Social Skills

If you feel your student could benefit from individual support outside of the classroom please contact me at 801-737-7584 or email me

Safety is very important at our school and we want students to know what to do when they don’t feel safe. We teach our students to use the “Stop, Walk and Talk” strategy when they are being treating unkindly, or if they are being bullied. Students can do their part in helping us to have safety at school by following these 3 simple steps.

At Hillcrest we believe that every student is special and has the potential to achieve high goals. We work hard to create an environment that is mindful and optimal for learning. To support this, we have identified the following school wide rules:

  • *Be Safe
  • *Be Respectful
  • *Be Responsible

The students are familiar with these rules and practice them in common areas as well as inside of the classroom. When you visit our school, you will notice that these rules are posted on the walls. We encourage you to discuss these rules with your student as well.

Thank you for helping your students to come to school on time every day and encouraging them to do their best.

Mindy Elliott



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