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Dear Hillcrest Students and Families,

I am excited to write this introduction to you as the new principal of Hillcrest Elementary. I am honored to lead a school with such hard-working students, a dedicated staff, and such a supportive community. I am very fortunate to be part of this school and support the students and families here. 

I have worked in the Ogden School District professionally for 15 years. Previously, I was an administrative intern at Bonneville, T.O Smith, and Odyssey Elementaries, an instructional coach, and a fourth grade teacher. I entered the teaching profession 15 years ago after being a staff assistant for seven years. My Bachelor’s degree is in Elementary Education with a concentration in English as a Second Language, and my Master’s degree is in Educational Administration. I am delighted to bring my educational skills and experience to Hillcrest Elementary and to assist you in making your child’s learning experience successful.

On a personal note, I am from Ogden and have lived here all my life. My husband, Craig, and I have three children and five grandbabies. I love spending time with my family! We love traveling and going to Lagoon as a family. Additionally, I enjoy hiking, reading, and watching Weber State football.

I view education as a life-long process. I enjoy learning and sharing that knowledge with others, especially students. Every decision I make as an educator and principal revolves around what is best for my students. The relationship between families and school are vital to our success. I invite you to get involved in PTA, Community Council, or your child’s classroom. Your input is welcome! I look forward to getting to know you and to a successful school year.


Mrs. Wendi Malan


Hillcrest History

Hillcrest Elementary building exterior

Hillcrest Elementary School is located in the north east area of Ogden, Utah at 130 North Eccles Ave. Built in 1957, Hillcrest’s first year in operation began in 1958. Staffed with caring, well qualified teachers and administrators, Hillcrest generates a comfortable, educational learning environment. Designed in the shape of a horseshoe with classrooms on each side, it opens up to a beautiful courtyard facing the playground on the east side. The courtyard gives the students and faculty a picturesque view of the mountains. The offices, multipurpose room, and restrooms are located at the top of the horseshoe with a separate lunchroom located below the multipurpose room.

Our dedicated staff is also working to integrate music and art into the lives of every student. All students participate in art and music classes, and we provide multiple opportunities for extracurriculars at school and within the community.


Hillcrest Mission

Hillcrest Elementary School encourages and assists students, parents, community, district, teachers, and staff to work together as a team for the benefit and success of every child educationally, emotionally, and socially.


At Hillcrest, we strive to provide rigorous, high-quality data-driven instruction that is engaging and meets the needs of every child. We work together to ensure a safe learning environment that empowers students, teachers, and stakeholders to promote academic success and well-rounded citizens.

Hillcrest Hawks Rules

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Hillcrest Goals

Hillcrest Elementary faculty and staff have a vested interest in every student in the school. Plans and Programs provide goals, in language arts, Math and science. Goals are set with every child in mind, helping parents, teachers and staff to encourage, provide necessary interventions, supplemental instruction and positive reinforcement.